Monday, August 22, 2016

The Eco Brick

In a recent article, The Economist shared that the brick industry should be failing. Due to the the push for more "green" buildings and sustainability, the demand for carbon-intensive bricks should be low. Bricks have been used for centuries and that isn't likely to cease anytime soon. The Economist stated that companies are now starting to create bricks that are made from recycled materials. Using recycled materials to create bricks and using bricks that are destined for the landfill are important for protecting our planet and creating eco-friendly buildings. (Not to mention keeping costs down!) Vintage Bricks takes bricks that are salvaged from demolished homes and buildings and cuts them into tiles for use indoor and out.

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Grisly History of the Chattahoochee Brick Company

A recent article posted by Atlanta's WABE (NPR) station unveiled an important, though shocking, historical element about Atlanta's Chattahoochee Brick Company bricks.
The Chattahoochee Brick Company factory once stood on the westside of Atlanta, around the early 1900's. It is now an empty lot with some brick piles, an odd cemetery, and debris. The lot is up for sale, with many Atlantans pushing for it to become a memorial for the workers and families of the Brick Company.

The Chattahoochee Brick Company factory

The Chattahoochee Brick Company's labor was made up what is referred to as "neo-slavery", using the free labor of primarily black people who had been arrested for petty crimes (if any crimes at all).  These workers were severely abused and many many of them perished at the factory. This leads people to believe that there are graves there, as there is a cemetery on the property.

Atlantans are pushing for the remembrance of these workers and their families, and having their story be told, instead of forgotten.  The Chattahoochee Brick Company lot is up for sale, and it would be a great injustice for all of the suffering that has gone on there to be forgotten, lost in cement.

Though the history of our Vintage Bricks may not be one that we are happy to tell, it is one that should not be forgotten.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Reclaimed Brick Ovens

Reclaimed bricks are a great resource for low-cost building materials.
This person used salvaged bricks and fire bricks to create a budget friendly oven. How cool!

This website has some plans for building these ovens, check it out here and then hop on over to 

photos from
photos from

Bricks are not just for houses and walkways, there are endless things that you can create with our salvaged bricks and reclaimed thin brick tiles. Shop for your next project and get your reclaimed bricks and reclaimed thin brick tiles from

Saturday, April 30, 2016

It's a Great Day for Reclaimed Brick Tiles

Seriously, reclaimed brick tiles are having a moment right now. I have seen them everywhere!
From kitchen backsplashes to bathrooms to radiant heat flooring - they are definitely having a moment.
Brick tiles that are cut from reclaimed bricks, like ours from are made to withstand the test of time, because they already have withstood the test of time.
These brick tiles are not perfect, they are pitted and weathered, unevenly colored, a look that you just cannot recreate.

 Here is just a glimmer of the reclaimed vintage brick tile goodness that is out there:
Looking for an option that is hardy, will withstand anything you can throw at it, looks timeless, is eco-friendly, and is super affordable? Look no further, Vintage Bricks may be the brick tiles for you. Sliced from salvaged common bricks from demolished buildings that WE demolish, our tiles are each one-of-a-kind.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fifty Shades of Savannah Gray - The Most Sought After Bricks in the South

Savannah Gray bricks, would you know them if you saw them? They are a brick lovers dream and those who can salvage them, could earn a hefty profit. Savannah Gray bricks are 200 year old hand-formed bricks from Savannah, Georgia and are extremely rare.
historic savannah grey gray bricks
historic savannah gray bricks

Not everyone is aware of the rarity of the Savannah Gray bricks and they have been found in trash piles from buildings that have been demolished, without consideration of where there offset materials go. Our demolition company, Southern Demolition, offsets many of our materials to divert them from landfills to find new uses. These uses include historic restoration projects and home renovation, with things such as antique mantles and housewares sold through our sister company The Deconstructed House; and our brick and thin brick tile company, Vintage Bricks. Vintage Bricks sells authentic salvaged brick tiles that are cut from reclaimed bricks to be used in applications such as kitchen backsplashes, flooring, walkways, etc. Vintage Bricks is still actively searching for our Savannah Gray bricks to add to our collection of historic thin brick tiles.
historic savannah gray bricks
handmade history

The historic Savannah Gray bricks were each hand-formed by slaves at a plantation called the Hermitage, which stopped making the bricks during the Civil War. Without knowledge of the importance of preservation, many of the historic bricks in Savannah were destroyed during the 1950's. We now know the importance of saving reusable materials from landfills is vitally important historically and environmentally. To support the diversion of reusable materials from landfills please visit us at 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fixer Upper Loves Vintage Bricks!

Do you guys love the HGTV show, Fixer Upper, as much as we do? The goofy antics of Chip and the crazy good stylings of Joanna Gaines are right there at the top of our list.

HGTV's Fixer Upper Season 2 Episode 2 "The Dutch Door House" 

We revisited some episodes from season 2 and noticed something interesting. Chip and Joanna sure do love reclaimed brick tiles! In season 2, episode 2, featured below; the Fixer Upper stars used old reclaimed brick tiles in both the laundry room and on the gorgeous front walkway.


fixer upper reclaimed brick tile pathway

The new reclaimed brick tile walkway, which was the special addition chosen by the couple, adds dramatic curb appeal to the 1940s house. To recreate this look on your own home, get your own reclaimed brick tiles at
reclaimed brick tiles in the mudroom fixer upper laundryreclaimed brick tiles in the mudroom fixer upper
The reclaimed brick tile flooring featured here in the laundry / mudroom is a great alternative to traditional stone tiles and much more cost effective and easy to maintain.

Fixer Upper loves reclaimed brick tiles and so should you! Our reclaimed brick tiles are sliced from authentic salvaged bricks. Get yours today at

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reclaimed Thin Brick Tile Installation - See How It's Done!

Recently, we put up a video on our Vintage Bricks channel on YouTube, showing off our thin brick tiles. 
Watch the installation video of a kitchen backsplash, below:

Let us know in the comments: how would you use genuine reclaimed thin brick tiles from Vintage Bricks in your home?

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